Shipping Containers

Providence Cargo operates about 547,000 TEUs containers of various types.
Providence Cargo’s containers are maintained in good condition and match all safety conditions in accordance with International Containers Standards and CSC – Container Safety Convention.

Container External Dimensions*:

20′ 40′
Length  6,058 mm (19’101/2″) 12,192 mm (40′)
Width 2,438 mm (8′) 2,438 mm (8′)
Height 2,591 mm (8′ 6″) 2,591mm (8′ 6″)
High Cube height 1 2,896 mm (9′ 6″)


To manage its inventory, Providence Cargo has developed sophisticated logistics systems encompassing planning, marketing, new-building, purchase and leasing, inventory control, maintenance and repair, and sale of containers.

Providence Cargo’s computerized logistics system guarantees:

  • Adjustment of stock levels to the changing needs of its customers.
  • Continuous tracking of each container, on board or on land.
  • Maintenance of the container fleet according to international standards of quality and safety.

* All information in this guide is general data only. The accurate max. gross Weight should be according to the container CSC plate. The dimensions and weights are based on manufacture’s specifications. Tolerance factor must always be taken into account by supplier.