Code of Ethics

Our way across the world: Providence Cargo’s Code of Ethics



Below are central points from Providence Cargo’s Code of Ethics, communicated to all our employees and agents:

Every new employee read and signs the Code.Our Code is supported by various Internal procedures to ensure compliance. Once a year, every Providence Cargo Employee is required to read and confirm reading the full Providence Cargo’s Code of Ethics, on a computerized training system:
  • We comply with the law:
    Providence Cargo and its employees are committed to comply with the requirements of the law, wherever the company operates. Providence Cargo will refrain from doing business with such associates who do not have high standards of ethical conduct and do not comply with the law.
  • We do business with fairness and integrity:
    Providence Cargo and its employees will always act with dignity and integrity when doing business.
  • We maintain high quality of customer service:
    Providence Cargo strives to provide their customers with a high level of service and to constantly act to improve the quality of our service.
  • We improve constantly:
    As a commercial company striving for excellence, Providence Cargo sets challenging goals and make every effort to meet them.
  • We protect our assets:
    Providence Cargo’s employees will use the company’s assets carefully and efficiently.
  • We maintain confidentiality:
    Providence Cargo’s employees will protect the company’s information and keep it confidential, as well as avoid using inside information for any purpose other than work related.
  • We create an enhancing work environment:
    Providence Cargo strives to create an equitable and enhancing work environment, to ensure equal employment opportunities, to provide its employees with a safe and hygienic workplace, and to protect its employees from any form of sexual harassment or discrimination.
  • We support the community:
    Providence Cargo encourages strong connections and contribution to communities, and supports communal and social causes and organizations.
  • We care about the environment:
    Providence Cargo conducts its business with maximum consideration for environmental impact and to protect the environment on the global level.